Yoga Day Quiz Questions and Answers

दोस्तों एक बार फिर से आपका हमारी वेबसाइट में स्वागत है, आज का यह लेख Yoga Day Quiz Questions and Answers पर आधारित है। इस लेख में हमने Yoga Day Quiz के बारे में पूरी जानकारी दी है। इस लेख को पढ़कर आपको International Yoga Day Quiz से सम्बन्धित पूरी जानकारी हो जाएगी|

Yoga Day Quiz Questions and Answers
Yoga Day Quiz Questions and Answers

Yoga Day Quiz

1What are the 5 elements in Yoga?Earth, Water, Air, Sky and Fire
2How many basic Yogasana are there in Yoga?84
3What is the most difficult pose in Yoga?Handstand Scorpion
4Which ministry does celebration of international Yoga in India?The Ministry of Ayush
5What is the name of the Chakra Located near the heart?The heart chakra or Anahata
6Who wrote the first book on Yoga?Patanjali
7What is the one word meaning of Yoga?To join or to unite
8Who worte the book “Light on Yoga”?B.K.S. Iyengar
9How many asanas are in light Yoga?200 Asanas
10How many yoga Sutras was Conposed by Patanjali?196 Sutras
11Which Chakra is red in Colour?The Root Chakra
12Which Chakra is situated in the mid brain?Ajna Chakra
13What is the third eye chakra?The sixth chakra in the body
14What is bhakti yoga Karma Yoga?The path of Devotion
15How many baisc Yogasana are there in Yoga?84
16What does Namaste mean in Yoga?Salutations to You
17What is Kundalini Located?The base of the spine
18How many activities are there in a Pranayam?Three
19The repetition of a holy mantra or phrases is known as?Japa
20The word Pranayam refer to?Breath Control Exercise
21At what temperatures must the room be at in Bikram Yoga?105 Degree
22When was the word meditation first used?12th Century AD
23Which Yogasna is also known as Mountain Pose?Tadasana
24When was yoga introduced in United States?`1893
25Who is considered as the Adiyogi or first yogi?Lord Shiva
26How old is the history of Yoga in India?About 300 BC
27How many types of “Praan” are there in Yoga?5
28What is the process of breathing control?pranayam
29Through which system does the blood flow properly in the body?From the blood circulation system
30How did the word Yoga originate?Yuj
31How many stages of Yoga have been described by the famous yogi Patanjali?8
32What is called the process of stopping the breath inside after some time of inhaling the breath?kumbhak
33Which praan is present in small and big intestines?Apraan
34Which is the first Yoga asanas?Easy pose (Sukhasana)
35Name the asana in which waist and arms look like a cobra?Bhujang asana
36What is the theme of international Yoga day of 2023?Humanity
37What is known as the Yoga capital of the world?Rishikesh
38what is a female Yoga teacher called?Yogini
39What is a group of Yogis called?Sangha
40Definition of Yoga according to Kathopanishad is?Control on sense organs, mind and intellect
41When did the UN General Assembly announce 21st june as the international Yoga Day?11th december 2014
42The Yoga class usually begin with a?Prayer
43Which part of human personality can effected by yoga?Postive emotions
44India’s first Yoga OPD has been started in which city?Jaipur
45What is the theme of international Yoga day of 2022?Yoga for Humanity
46What is Yoga Importance?Improve a person’s mental well – being
47Which Veda mentions about elements of Yoga?Rig Veda
48Who suggested the idea of celebrating International Yoga Day?Narendra Modi ji
49What is the yoga Symbol called?The Hamsa
50What is yoga guru of shri Narendra Modi?H.R. Nagendra

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