100+ Important GK Questions For HP Police Constable Exam | HP Gk

Important GK Questions For HP Police Constable Exam

इस भाग में हमने  Important GK Questions For HP Police Constable Exam पर प्रश्न और उत्तर दिए है इस अनुभाग में आप सभी विधार्थी Important GK Questions For HP Police Constable Exam  के विभिन्न प्रकार के सवाल और जवाब का अध्ययन कर करेंगे जोकि आगामी प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं में बेहद सहायक सिद्ध हो सकते है| इस लेख  Important GK Questions For HP Police Constable Exam में हमने Important GK Questions For HP Police Constable Exam प्रश्नों के बारे में जानकारी दी है, ये प्रश्न बार-बार परीक्षाओं में पूछे जाने वाले प्रश्न है|

Important GK Questions For HP Police Constable Exam
Important GK Questions For HP Police Constable Exam
1In which year Shimla Municipal Committee was set up?1952
2Who was the first to demand a separate hill state in 1946?Dr.Hazara Singh
3Who was the prime minister of responsive government set up in Theog on 15th, 1947?Surat Ram
4Which district has the highest production of apple?Shimla
5Solan Gola is variety of –Tomato
6Who Introduced American apple in Himachal Pradesh?Samuel Evans Stokes
7Which district is femous for kuth production?Lahoul Spiti
8Who did Satuanand Stokes set up his garden?Kotgarh
9Who introduced British variety of apple in Himachal?R.C. Lee
10In which year Opium production was started in Chamba?1880
11Where is the tea factory loceted in Kangra district?Bir Palampur
12Which district is famous for natural salt mines?Mandi
13In which year HRTC was set up?1974
14Who gave the slogan ‘Van Lagao Aur Rozi Kamao’?Shanta Kumar
15Rangreek Airport is located In district?Lahoul Spiti
16Loin Reserve is Located in Hmachal at-Renuka Sirmaur
17Sobha Singh Art Gallery is located at –Andreta
18Roerich Art Gallery is locted in Himachal at –Naggar
19Which place is known as a Switzerlaind of India?Khajjiar
20Who started the Holi Festival at Sujanpur?Raja Sansar Chand
21Where is the Golf Cource located in Shimla District?Naldehra
22Which place is known in himachal as ‘Shiva Bhumi’?Bharmuar
23Bhuri singh Mauseum is located atChamba
24What was the earlier name of Advance Study Institue?Vice Regal Lodge
25Where is the Broad gauge railway line in Himachal Predesh?Nangal to Una
26Which district is femous for grapes production?Kinnaur
27Rock Cut temples are located in Himchal at-Masrur (Kangra)
28Kandi Project is being implemented in –Shivalik Hills
29In Which Year Kalka-Shimla Railway line was completed?1903
30Pin Valley National Reserve is located in District-Lahoul Spiti
31In which year Himachal prdesh Tourism Development Corportion was set up?1972
32Who introduced patato crop in Shimla?Major Kennedy
33Sheep breeding farm is located in district Hamirpur atTal
34Darwari, Bageshwari and Bahar are the types of-Tea
35In which year Peter Hoff was destriyed in fire?1981
36What was the sex ratio in Himachal Pradesh as per 2011 census?974
37In which year Himachal pradesh Non-Gazetted Employees fedration was set up?20th November,1966
38In which year state and district Consumer forums were set up in H.P.?1989 A.D.
39What was the total number of panchayats on 31st January,2006?3243
40The Amusement Park at the highest altitude in Asia is located at-Kufri (Near Shimla)
41Who was the only Director General of Police H.P. retired on the completion of his full tenure?Mr.A.K. puri
42Raja ka Talab’ is a famous place In which distict?Kangra
43Where is the Regional centre of ‘Baurau of Indian Standards’ in Himachal Pradesh?Parwanoo
44The First comedy serial of Himachal Pradesh is?Chandu-Nandu
45North zone criket Academy has been set up at?Dharamshala
46Name three high Yielding variety of paddy developed by Agriculutre University Palampur?HPR 2143, HPR 1068, Sukradhan-I and Marighudhan
47Seepur fair is held at?Mashobra
48Which I.A.S. officer belonging to Himachal Pradesh Cadre became chief Election Commissioner of India?B.B. Tondon
49Name any two juice product of HPMC-(I) Apple Tapple and (ii) Mango Netar
50The communication Network of Himachal Pradesh Police is known as?Plonet
51Phulyach is a fmous festival of which district celebrated in September every year?Kinnaur
52Parmaveer Chakra winner Dhan singh Thapa was the resident of which district?Kangra (Dharmashala)
53kharo Bridge’ is located in which district?Kinnaur
54Jispa’ a place in Lahual Spiti distict is femous for?Adventorous Games
55On what day world tourism Day is observed?27th Sept
56Secoend bench of Himchal Pradesh Adeministrative tribunal is located at-Dharamshala
57In Which year Naldehra Golf Club was set up and by whom?Lord Curzon in 1905 A.D.
58Who was the first patron of Naldehra Golf Club?Dr. Y.S. Parmar
59Who worte the book “The Ghost Stories of Shimla Hills?Meenakshi Chaudhary
60Sonalika a tractor Manufacturing company has its factroy at?Amb (Una)
61Patanjli Yog peeth Centre is located at-Pathiar In Kangra
62Allan Dhuhangam Power Project is located near-Manali (Kullu)
63The First ever session of Himachal Pradesh vidhan sabha ouside Shimla was Held in –2005 at Dharamshala
64Which panchayat is largest in India located in Himachal Pradesh?Mant’ Dhramashala (Kangra)
65Which city in Himachal Pradesh was first declared as “Heritage City” in the year 2005 A.D.?Mandi
66Indira Gandhi Sports Complex is located?Shimla (on the mall road)
67The Revenue collection from Green Tax goes to –Tourism Development
68Indian Agriculutre Research Centre is located at-Katrain (Kullu)
69Baddi and Barotiwala industrial centres as located in the district-Solan
70Export Promotion Industrial Park is located at –Baddi (Solan)
71Which river is known as the sorrow of Una-Sawan river
72Baira Seuil Power project is located in which district-Chamba
73Name any four High Yielding Variety of Tomatoes famous in Himchal Pradesh?Solan gola, Rakshita, Naveen, Sufal Money maker &7711
74Name the places, where there are animal farms is Himachal Pradesh?Bhangrotu (Mandi), Kothipura (Bilaspur), Kamand (Mandi), Palampur (Kangra) and Sunni (Shimla).
75Who started Lavi fair and when?In 1881 Raja Kehri Singh
76Gaiety theatre of Shimla was built in which year?30th May, 1887 A.D.
77In which year Municipal Corporation shimla Building (Town Hall) was built?1908 A.D.
78Which is the largest Hydel power project in Himachal Pradesh?Parbti Project 2051 MW
79Himachal Pradesh Police training centre is located at-Droh (Kangra)
80National Institute of Technology (NIT) is located at –Annu (Hamirpur)
81Which Himachali lady politician had been using military rank major with her name?Major Krishna Mohini
82Thakur Sen Negi scholarship plan is meant for-Scheduled Tribes students
83In which year ‘Van lagao, Roji Kamao’ yojna was launched-1990 Shanta Kumar
84Swami Vivekanand Medical Institue is located at-Palampur (Kangra)
85Saurav Van Vihar is located at-Palampur (Kangra)
86Where os the headqueters of Himachal Pradesh “takniki Shiksha Board”?Dharamashala (Kangra)
87In which book Kalidaas has mentioned about the ‘Himalaya Parbat”?Kumarsambhava
88Which moutain range is the meeting place of hills and plains?Shivalik Hills
89Shilla peak is located in which mountain range?Zanskar
90What is the name of femous sikh religious palce located in kiar-da-doom valley?Poanta Shaib
91Saproon valley is located in the district of-Solan
92What is the other name of Balh valley?Sundernagar Valley
93Name is Building where Himachal Raj Bhawan is located?Barnes Court
94In which year jwalamukhi Sanskrit College was set?1905 A.D.
95There is a Navodaya Vidyalaya in district bilaspur at –Kothipura
96Who set up the first co-opretive society in Himachal Pradesh –Main Hirashingh Lambardar og Pnajawar (Una) in 1892 A.D.
97Who was called as ‘Sinhdi Gandhi”?Krishnanand Swamy
98Before 1960-61, Bilaspur Nalwari fair used to held at-Sandu Ground
99what is new name og Gagal Airport?Kangra
100Where is the lake Sadhupul?Solan
101Pragti Nagar is located in district?Mandi
102The Biggest Hospital build by “Radhaswami Satsang” is located at-Bhota (Hamirpur)
103Pt. Hari Dutt Sharma Memorial Pubilc Library is located at-Patta (Hamirpur)
104The first ever community Development project was launched in Himachal Pradesh?Kunihaar (Solan)

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